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Viral Facebook ad

Get leads you capture via Facebook to share your ad so you can get free traffic (and lower your cost per lead).

If you’re sending Facebook ad traffic to any kind of opt-in page, this campaign will help you drive leads at a much lower cost. When people click your ad and opt in on your landing page, you’ll send them to a GoViral page that offers them a free bonus gift in exchange for sharing your ad with their followers.

Step one

You capture leads with a Facebook ad

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People click your ad and then enter their email address on your landing page in order to access a free resource or register for a webinar.

Step two

Your GoViral page asks them to share

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Your leads get sent to a GoViral page that offers them a bonus gift (like a PDF, downloadable guide, ebook, video, etc.) if they share the post featured in your Facebook ad.

Step three

They share and you save money

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When someone shares your Facebook ad, magical things happen. Your CPL and CPC go down. You get built-in social proof. And you get free traffic!