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Viral email

Send your email list a free gift they can unlock by sharing a pre-written social post.

Chances are that you have a piece of content your email subscribers would enjoy that you haven’t promoted much to them yet—whether it’s a PDF, a video, or a downloadable guide. With this campaign, you’ll email your subscribers a link to a GoViral page where they can unlock access to that resource by sharing a social post about your website or business.

Step one

Email your list about a free gift

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You’ll write a short and sweet email that offers your subscribers access to a free gift (like a PDF, downloadable guide, ebook, video, etc.).

Step two

Your email links to your GoViral page

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When your subscribers click the link in the email, they’ll land on a GoViral page that asks them to share a pre-written social post in order to unlock the free gift.

Step three

They share and unlock the gift

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After sharing, your subscribers will get access to the free gift. In exchange, you’ll get free shares and referral traffic.