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Opt-In referral

Get free traffic to your opt-in pages by offering leads a free bonus resource if they share the page on social media.

If you’re sending traffic to any kind of opt-in page, this campaign will help you increase the number of leads it’s generating. When people opt in on your landing page, you’ll send them to a GoViral page that offers them a free bonus resource in exchange for sharing your landing page on social media.

Step one

Your opt-in page captures leads

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Visitors enter their email address on your landing page in order to access a free resource or register for a webinar.

Step two

Your GoViral page asks them to share

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Your leads get sent to a GoViral page that offers them a bonus gift (like a PDF, downloadable guide, ebook, video, etc.) if they share your opt-in page on social media.

Step three

They share and get a free gift

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After sharing, they get access to the free gift and the original resource they signed up to receive on your opt-in page.