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Instant audience

Get friends and social media followers to share your website so you can jumpstart your email list and audience growth.

If your website has little to no traffic, this campaign will help you fix that fast. You’ll create a GoViral page to post on social media that offers your followers a free gift in exchange for sharing your website. The result? Thousands of their followers get a warm introduction to your site from someone they trust.

Step one

Share your GoViral page

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Post a link to your page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any channel where you have a following (even if it’s just friends and family).

Step two

Your GoViral page asks to share

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Your followers land on a GoViral page that offers them a bonus gift (like a PDF, downloadable guide, ebook, video, etc.) if they share your website (or any link) on social media.

Step three

Your followers share and unlock a gift

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Followers will share your site to support you and get access to the free gift.