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Homepage referral

Get new email subscribers to share your website on social media after they sign up on your homepage.

Most websites send new subscribers to a generic thank you page that doesn’t give them any additional action to take. This campaign replaces your “dead end” thank you page with one that offers new subscribers a free bonus gift in exchange for sharing a pre-written social post. The result? They promote your website to their followers and send you free warm referral traffic.

Step one

Visitors sign up for your email list

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Someone visits your homepage and signs up for your list in order to get access to a lead magnet, your newsletter, or another resource.

Step two

GoViral page asks them to share

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The visitor is sent to a GoViral page that prompts them to share a pre-written social post to unlock a free bonus gift.

Step three

They share and get a free gift

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After sharing, the visitor gets access to the bonus gift and any resource you promised when they signed up on your homepage.